And so it begins. *Drum roll*

Here we go. I'm officially starting the blogging thing! 

This means OPINIONS and THOUGHTS and STUFF and pictures of PUPPIES will infect this blog. You can never have too many pictures of puppies. Or pithy quotes. Or Tom Hiddleston, especially dressed as Loki.

I'll end up writing about comic-book movies and video games. Music. Conceptual art. My favorite unicorn picture of the day. Zombies. And, ever so often, visual culture and the joys of working in academica. 

So far I have only one complaint: there is no function for rainbow font. How can one properly express themselves without color? *heaves great sigh of sadness* Be warned, many of the aforementioned thoughts will involve color and design. 

Take your chances and jump in, I hear the water's fine.