The Fae Are Coming

It's a truth universally acknowledged that I have been terrible at updating my blog and sending newsletters.

But that is about to change…


I've been lucky enough to stumble into a group of talented fantasy and UF writers, all working on stories connected through a shared world: the fae realm of Tir Na Nog.

It has been a BLAST collaboratively creating this world, and I love the story I'll be sharing for my portion. Lesani and Sorn are two characters my hubs and I created years ago for a tabletop RPG campaign. We had so much fun playing this pair: Lesani’s effervescent energy and bird-like fixation on sparkly items paired perfectly with Sorn’s morose stoicism and soldier’s reserve. Re-imagining them and adding layers to their story has been delightful, as have, I hope, the results.

Once a month (starting on July 22nd) I will be sharing a chapter of this story with my newsletter subscribers and to a dedicated group of fae-loving readers on a Facebook Group. This is all kinds of fantastic because:

a) I’m working with a fantastic group of supportive, talented writers and getting the chance to create as part of a community.

b) Other people are openly holding me accountable for regular newsletters—with countdowns and everything!

c) I’m getting a fun, glitter-filled break from the darkness that is Curses #3. (And yes, I loves me some darkness. Lots of it. But as I reach the peak of character torture, I find myself seeking some more light-hearted outlets. Enter Lesani: fearless, sparkly-obsessed, and utterly determined to rescue her stolen pet from would-be poachers.

d) I got to turn my puppy in to a madragon.


What’s a madragon, you ask? Why, it’s a creature I invented for this story. And the more I write about them, the more I’m completely obsessed.

If you’d like to share in the antics and meet Lesani and Sorn, I hope you’ll sign up to my newsletter!