Original Art & Custom Design

Why settle for typical, when your book cover can be a unicorn?

Your book is original—just like you. No one else could write that story. And its cover should be just as unique. A perfect blend of market-ready notes, designed to beckon your readers, with just a touch of magic.

Stand Out V1.jpg

Stand Out

In a sea of stock art and indistinguishable fonts, your book deserves to shine.

Be Relevant.jpg

Be Relevant

To find readers—the right readers—your cover needs to speak their language.

Get Unique V3.jpg

Get Unique

Your characters, your world, are one-of-a-kind. Your art should showcase that.

I like to think I’m bringing something rare to the cover design market: original, custom art that is created from scratch for each story, and thoughtful, personalized series branding.
— Dee Holmes

Want to talk about art?

Fantastic! That’s my favorite thing! Please contact me here or reach out via social media, and let me know what you’re looking for. I’d love to talk about your book and your art needs. There’s no pressure and no commitment—not unless we decide to work together.

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